The Importance of Communication in All Aspects of Oahu Property Management

Posted Friday, November 13, 2020 by

We talk about communication a lot because it’s an essential part of providing outstanding property management in Oahu. You cannot lease, manage, and maintain a rental property without being willing to communicate with your tenants, your vendors and contractors, and your property managers.

Our team at Elite Pacific Properties is responsive, accessible, and available to our residents and our owners any time there’s a question, a concern, or an idea. We’re open 24/7 for maintenance emergencies, and we don’t wait days to return calls and messages.

Talk to us about what you need in terms of communication. You’ll find that we communicate well and our owners are always informed. If you’re working with a property manager who isn’t as conscientious about communication, contact our team. We’ll show you how it’s done and why it’s important.

Good Communication Improves Tenant Retention

Tenants expect and need clear, accurate, and responsive communication. Ignoring their calls and messages will only lead to bad relationships and terrible rental experiences. They’ll be sure to leave when the lease is over, and then you’ll be left with vacancy and turnover costs. Your Oahu property managers must be responsive to their needs, whether it’s a maintenance request or a simple question about how to deal with the utility companies.

Your tenants need support from time to time. Make sure you can provide it. Part of our customer service plan is to reach out to tenants with resources and support when they need it. We think they should hear from us regularly, and not only when rent is late or an inspection needs to be scheduled.

We also think it’s important to communicate your appreciation to tenants. Thank them for on-time rental payments and for taking good care of the property. Checking in once in a while to see if there’s anything they need will help keep your tenants in the long term, which is good for your ROI. When tenants renew their lease agreements, you have fewer vacancy, maintenance, and turnover costs.

Good Communication Eliminates Conflicts and Misunderstandings

We know that rental property owners don’t like to worry about conflicts, misunderstandings, and disputes. Transparent and open communication is critical in avoiding these situations. We want to be on the same page as our owners, and that’s why we discuss everything with you up front. There are no surprises. You’ll know what you’re being charged for and why. You’ll understand how we screen tenants and what we need to do to follow all fair housing, rent control, and eviction laws.

Property Management Technology Helps Communication

The right technology can help property managers communicate better with both owners and tenants. If you’re using a professional and innovative Oahu property management company, you’ll have access to accounting software and online portals, which will help your property manager communicate efficiently and effectively.

Our technology enables us to communicate with you during the leasing period, the screening process, and throughout the term of the lease agreement. You’ll be able to follow the process of any maintenance and repairs, and you’ll always see invoices and statements. You can access your portal whenever you have a question or want to send us a message.

We have some more ideas on how to communicate better. Please contact us at Elite Pacific Properties.