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Realtor Referral Program

Protect your future sales and earn a commission. Our property management services help you maintain client relationships, avoid costly mistakes, earn rental commissions, and protect future sales. Earn a 10% commission of the first month's rent. We refer all sales back to you.

Example: Using Elite Pacific's average rental rate of $2,800/mo and an average property sale price of $662,000 – if you refer 12 people (E.g., 4 people/year over 3 years) you could potentially have...


Earned Rental Commissions


Protected Sales Commissions


Happy Clients

Keep Your Client Relationships

When you can't find the right buyer for a home, don't give up on the sale entirely. Sending us property management clients means you'll retain your relationship with your customer. We'll refer all sales back to you when the time comes. 

Stop Putting Yourself at Risk

If property management isn't your area of expertise, you could quickly run into problems. Bad advice on fair housing guidelines, local ordinances, and insurance requirements could put you in a bad situation. Let us do the hard work for you. 

We Make You Look Great

Don't entrust your reputation to just any partner. Work with Elite Property Management and we'll make certain that your clients are satisfied and happy with your recommendation. 

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